World's Smallest Man Offers Hope for Space Travel, Colonies, and the Future of Humanity

The diversity of life on planet Earth is simply amazing, and we appear to get one thing intriguing nearly a day. In fact, over the last decade I've subscribed to all the bio-science on-line newsletters, and I am just fully stunned, even blown away sometimes. No, nothing like the folks in Joplin Missouri or Alabama in 2011, but blown away mentally that is. Let me provide you a as an example, and then follow that up with a brief dialogue on what this might mean for the long run of mankind in house.

There was an fascinating BBC Asia-Pacific on Gregorian calendar month twelve, 2011 "Philippines Man Crowned World's Shortest" and the man was utterly proportional, and the article stated;

"A teenager from a poor family in the rural Philippines has been declared the world's shortest man as he turned eighteen. Guinness World Records presented Junrey Balawing, who is 59.93cm (23.6 inches) tall, with a certificate at his birthday party. Mr Balawing stopped growing once he was 2, his father said. He is over 7cm shorter than the previous record holder, Khagendra Thapa Magar from Nepal, who had control the record since last October."

How is that potential you ask? Well, it seems the human body is an incredible organic marvel and it's the power to adapt pro re nata. In this case, it figured out some way to urge by, perhaps due to lack of food, and it stopped growing, but the man is utterly proportional in each regard, just smaller. Think of the ramifications of all that, with such a genetic variation or expression of that type. If he lived in your house, well, your one-story house could become a three-story house for him.

If 1000s of humans that size went to parenthetically Mars to line up shop in an exceedingly Martian Colony, they would need less food, and we might build the house ship terribly commodious for them, lots of leg space. And they'd surely have a major advantage would not they? Top 8 Shortest Person in the World - is that this the long run, it very well is also and it'd be wise for our scientists to review this, perhaps we tend to will make out some way to downsize the mankind, and that would offer more abundance and house too.

Think of it, a 747 could have five levels of seats and 3500 individuals, now that is a Boeing part engineers dream return true, and the airlines, well, think of the profit margins! think about the efficiencies, and imagine the increased abundance, space, etc.

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